We have excellent distribution network with powerful manpower and have associate offices in various places to offer better service to the industries. SPPL is an ambitious Indian Pharmaceuticals - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Excipients & Nutraceuticals Company; partners with its Principals of more than 50 most reliable API & Excipients Manufacturers and more than 25 Trading companies alike to deliver customized solutions that resolve their significant issues and create lasting competitive advantage. Utilizing decades like 22 years of industrial experience and functional expertise, SPPL looks beyond standard solutions to develop new insights, mobilize resources, drive tangible results, and make our partners more capable of meeting challenges in the burgeoning Indian Pharmaceutical API market.

The company is committed to deliver quality services to satisfy our customers on both ends of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. Company's highly skilled and well motivated man-power, revolves around every important sphere, to deliver the best in the market place and to execute sales support whenever & wherever required. The Company envisioned being most transparent, admired and trustworthy marketing services Company in API market at all times.

Our founder, P. SATHISH , has a strong commitment to business ethics and strong vision to have smooth approach attaining the desired goals. Quality products, competitive price and commitments are the main areas he believes in. Our Company Received National Recognition through UDYOG PRATIBHA AWARD recognized by Indian Organization for Business Research & Development [ IOBRD ] New Delhi in May , 2013 Also received RAJIV GANDHI UNITY AWARD recognized by Economic Growth Society of India [ EGSI ] New Delhi in August , 2013.

Our Commitments:

Maintenance of stock level at any point of time, prompt delivery, quality API & Excipients at a competitive price is our commitment.


To be a fully integrated Pharmaceutical Company by the Year 2015.